What do we expect from people ?

Hi reader, how are you ?
Me ? Mentally not feeling well for sure . I'm stuck at this moment at this place .
How messed I am right now . So stress, so lonely and almost die because of bored .
Yes, now i'm still at studio and still at Kelantan . Yeah I hate that fact when I wake up from my bed.
For this time I just wanna talk about what we expect or hope from people around us .
For these past week I learn that I should not too much expect and too much hope to people.
Because at the end I know i'm the one who hurt the most when people break their promise.
And one more thing I learn from people, I know that most of people are hard to fulfill their promise.
So to keep your both happy and sad side, less hope, less expect to people.
And the people that I hightlight is people near and close to you .
Because when we know that the person was always here with you, you will expect more from them,
and sometime they can't do it for you and you'll be so frust because after all you think they will always there for you . One advise, just do everything on yourself, you'll never hurt .
Ohh, sebelum terlupa, happy birtday to myself XD . ahha
ok lah see yaa next time :*


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