The most person you love .

Hi people :)
It has been a month I have not been updating the news about myself on this blog .
I just worked really tired and also I feel lazy to write anything though my heart feel like exploding because of need to keep a lot of feelings that I can not show . Yeah as other people , I also do have someone really special in my life . And for me it is a normal feeling for someone who already 20 years old to have someone who we call ' special boyfriend . Before this, I feel privileged to have the best people who always had time for me and I know how to handle in any situation . But like seasons, people also change . I was really upset about this. Damn a lot ! ! How can someone who is always with you to change so much ? I feel like I want to scream . How can you treat me like a stranger, dear ? I can die because love you . Whatever I say is always wrong, everything I do always make you mad to me . I do not know what my fault . But I know your heart is just not for me anymore . I hope I can let you go slowly . I love you even if you do not.

p/s : sorry for the grammatical errors, btw, I'm not English teachers

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